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Taipei, Science Lab , Taipei Municipal Shi-Jian Elementary School, 2023











Transforming the traditional specialized classroom into an inspiring exploration laboratory for fostering students' curiosity and creativity is our goal and mission!

During the renovation of the specialized classroom at Wen Shan Elementary School, we not only aimed to meet the basic needs of students and teachers but also focused on creating an ambiance that enhances teaching quality and learning outcomes. Here is our design philosophy and the details of the transformation:

Firstly, we unified the color scheme of the classroom with light gray and aqua blue, creating a professional and scientific atmosphere. We designed a display wall at the back of the classroom and crafted a series of replaceable teaching aids for the school. These aids are changed as the curriculum progresses, encouraging students to explore actively during their free time and igniting their curiosity.

Simultaneously, we repositioned the faucets from being fixed on the large desks to a centralized location by the windows. This not only provides students with more spacious desktops but also streamlines washing activities, facilitating teacher management and instruction.

Within the classroom, we introduced a tree-shaped metal sculpture created with simple curved iron wires, symbolizing the essence of a "tree." This installation not only enlivens the space but also embodies the school's educational philosophy of "nurturing individuals for a hundred years."

Through this classroom transformation, we not only offer an improved teaching environment but also reorganize and plan for the needs of both teachers and students, multimedia equipment, and storage spaces. The final result is an ideal teaching space presented in an aesthetically pleasing form that inspires students' motivation to learn and facilitates more effective teaching for educators.

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