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Red Liuli, Commercial Space, 2023











The Old Warehouse Reborn: A Magnificent Venue for Exquisite Glass Artistry

Originating from a historic fertilizer warehouse, this venue has borne witness to nearly a century of cultural evolution since the Japanese occupation era. Under the stewardship of the "Red Glass" professional glass art brand, this aging warehouse underwent a remarkable transformation, emerging as a distinctive hub for brand showcases and glass art experiences.

Transformation and Planning Within just one month, this fertilizer warehouse underwent a comprehensive overhaul. The project encompassed tasks such as re-flooring, office space and mezzanine planning, creation of product display and sales areas, installation of glass-making equipment, and construction of a performance stage. We provided professional crews and streamlined project schedules, enabling the owner to accomplish significant spatial transformations within an exceptionally short timeframe.

Design Features The space successfully retains its original red brick walls and rustic triangular wooden roof structure, imbuing the environment with a rich historical ambiance. Simultaneously, the juxtaposition of delicate glass artistry against the warehouse's weathered architecture creates a captivating contrast, drawing attention and providing a unique platform for glass art exhibitions.

Achievements Together with the owner, we successfully transformed a previously abandoned and dilapidated warehouse into a dazzling sanctuary of glass artistry. Here, the fusion of past history with contemporary art offers visitors a visual extravaganza transcending the boundaries of time and space.

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