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New Taipei City, Sanxia residence, 2023


原本的四房兩廳的空間得到巧妙的改造,精簡為三房兩廳,同時放大了廚房空間並增加中島,提供更多的置物與收納空間;和一個專屬的工作區域。 整體空間以白色為主,營造出明亮清新的氛圍。沙發背牆以仿清水模的藝術漆展現不同的紋理質感,櫃體也以白色為主,並巧妙搭配局部木材,與中性色的木地板為整體空間注入了溫暖的感覺,讓家更具溫度與舒適感。

想像可以在陽光灑落的下午,於客廳品嚐一杯自己手沖的咖啡;也可以在舒適的臥室享受寧靜的睡眠時光;更可以在節日時,在廚房裡烹飪並與朋友歡聚。 喜歡生活;更喜歡回家。



Because home should be the most wonderful place.

The original four-bedroom, two-living room space has undergone a clever transformation, streamlined into a three-bedroom, two-living room layout. The kitchen area has been expanded, incorporating a central island that provides more storage space and a dedicated work desk area.

The overall space is predominantly designed in white, creating a bright and fresh atmosphere. The sofa backdrop features an artistic faux water pattern art paint, showcasing different textures, while the cabinets primarily exhibit white tones with subtle accents of wood. Additionally, the neutral-colored wooden flooring infuses warmth into the entire space, making the home feel cozy and comfortable.

Imagine enjoying a cup of hand-brewed coffee in the afternoon sunlight in the living room, or indulging in peaceful moments in the comfortable bedroom. Furthermore, on special occasions, the kitchen becomes a place where you can cook and gather with friends.

We appreciate life, but we cherish the feeling of coming home even more.

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