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New Taipei City, Yonghe residence, 2023








Creating a Fusion of Home and Cherished Memories

Our homeowners, having spent many years abroad, have a deep fondness for the quintessential American country style when it comes to home decor. Their dream was to curate furniture pieces that resonated with their hearts, steering clear from the utilitarian feel of modular cabinets and furnishings. To bring this dream to life, we embarked on a journey of enriching the space with a myriad of country-style elements, from the wooden lattice entrance, wooden blinds, and slatted shoe cabinet at the foyer, to the solid wood layered cabinets in the living room, classic kitchen cabinetry, and meticulously chosen wall sconces and pendant lights. The entire abode serves as a nostalgic voyage, allowing our homeowners to relive the beauty of cherished moments.

In the realm of bathrooms, recognizing the homeowner's penchant for indulging in the art of bathing, we embarked on a special expansion of the bathroom area. This expansion accommodates a bathtub and a separate shower area, exuding a natural ambiance with the choice of kiln-fired brick textures. Returning home, a gentle illumination from the wall sconces sets the mood for a rejuvenating soak, where it feels as though all worries and fatigue dissipate with the rising steam.

In the master bedroom, the homeowners yearned for a comprehensive storage solution for their wardrobe, with the added functionality of a dressing room. To materialize this vision, we strategically partitioned an area between the master bedroom's bathroom and the entrance, significantly augmenting the storage space while maximizing spatial efficiency. Additionally, we installed an exhaust fan to expel moisture and odors outdoors, eliminating concerns of dampness or mildew affecting their clothing.

But that's not all. We crafted a separate and spacious study for the homeowners to immerse themselves in work or leisurely reading. Unused spaces were thoughtfully transformed into tranquil reading or relaxation corners. Furthermore, the balcony underwent a redesign, culminating in a standalone sunroom, allowing our homeowners to bask in natural light, nurture plants, or enjoy a serene morning yoga session.

Home is, after all, the most beautiful place on Earth. Every detail evokes nostalgia and kindles a deep love for this haven. Our design was conceived to bring this dream to fruition.

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